Pechstein, Max, German expressionist painter and printmaker (1881-1955). 2 autograph letters signed ("HMPechstein" and "Max Pechstein").

Berlin, 31. III. 1948 und 15. III. 1952.

Large 4to. Altogether 3 pp. on 2 ff.


Comprehensive letters to the German artist Irmgard Hasenbach-Tavolato (née Seeling, 1899-1978), on the loss of his work (1948) and an exhibition (1952): "At least life is saved, although everything else is lost. What hurts me most, is the loss of my work, whole periods from 1905 onwards were smashed, a vast number of drawings irretrievably lost [...]" (Berlin, 31. III. 1948).

"Luckily all this fuss is now behind me. It proved very difficult to assemble all the necessary pictures for the exhibition, for most of my work has been lost. During the three weeks of the exhibition there were more than 6000 visitors, but nothing sold, not a single sheet - the people need their money for the bare necessities of life [...]" (15. III. 1952).

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