Accused of formalism

Malevich, Kazimir, Russian painter and art theoretician (1879-1935). Autograph postcard signed.

[Moscow and Nemchinovk], 9. II. 1932.

Oblong 8vo. 1¼ pp. With autograph address. In pencil.


In Russian, to his third wife, Natalya Andreevna (née Manchenka, 1902-90), about a campaign against him raised by the AKhRR (Assotsiatsia Khudozhnikov Revolutsionnoi Rossii - Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia), and on being accused of formalism: "I am running about; the matters stand so that one cannot speak of it; it turns out there is a government campaign [?] against me, labelling me a Formalist [...] Therefore, there is nothing for me anywhere, not even for my urn [...] but I shall sue and refute them [...]".


Malewitsch über sich. Zeitgenossen über Malewitsch. Briefe. Dokumente. Erinnerungen. Kritik. Bd. 1, Moskau 2004, Nr. 29.

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