Exceptionally large armillary sphere

Armillary sphere with celestial globe. Rotating celestial globe, surrounded by four pivotable concentric rings, the uppermost with ornamental mount.

Arabic, [1713 CE] = 1125 H.

Engraved and etched gilt brass with lettering in Arabic. Total height from ring to base 53 cms.


Exceptionally large armillary sphere with rich calligraphical and ornamental decoration as an image of the universe. The celestial sphere is surrounded in the centre by rings with the signs of the zodiac (outside) and various planet symbols. The names of the zodiac signs and months are engraved in Arabic. Signed and dated by the artist, an "Alexander", in the year H 1125. A nearly identical object is kept at the Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library at Vienna (item GL. 214), there classified as "Persian/Arabic". While simple celestial globes are not uncommon in the trade, elaborate specimens of the present size (53 cms) are very rare.

Slightly soiled and corroded, but almost not rubbed.

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