Gerber, Ernst Ludwig, German composer (1746-1819). "Fuga dal Rev. P. Martini in la Raccolta per l'anno 1757 dal Marpurg." Autograph musical manuscript signed ("Scripto per E. L. Gerber").

Leipzig, 1767.

Oblong folio. Title, 2 pp. on folded sheet. 64 bars.


"Allegro" for harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-84), from Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg's collection "Raccolta delle più nuove composizioni di clavicembalo di differenti maestri ed autori" (Leipzig, Breitkopf). Penned by Gerber during his years in Leipzig as a law student and cellist in the Leipzig orchestra.

Gerber, musical instructor of the children of the Prince of Sondershausen, succeeded his father as court organist and court secretary in 1775.

Some browning, with a large brownstain.

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