Neukomm, Sigismund von, Austrian composer and pianist (1778-1858). Autograph letter signed.

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8vo. 4 pp.


To the organist of the Graz cathedral, Ludwig Carl Seydler (1810-88): "I should ask you, dear Mr Seydler, kindly to exchange the 16-stave music paper for another with only 14 or even 12 staves, should that be finer than the 14-stave one, because the 16-stave paper puts too great a strain on my eyes for my new work [...] I would also ask you to return to me my Lamentationes, my three-voice Miserere and my Tenebrae, because I wish to include the latter, as I would the Jerusalem convertere from the Lamentations and the Miserere, in my new Passion Week […]".

Neukomm, a student of Michael and Joseph Haydn, went to Russia in 1804, serving as conductor at St Petersburg's German Theatre. In 1809 he went to Paris as a pianist with Talleyrand; his Requiem written in memory of Louis XVI was performed at the Vienna Congress. In 1816 he accompanied the Duke of Luxembourg to Rio de Janeiro, where he remained until 1821. He then returned to Talleyrand, remained in his service until his death in 1839, and travelled throughout Europe as a conductor, composer, organist, and pianist.

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