[Vienna theatre]. Collection of 11 signed receipts and bills.

Vienna, 1836-1866.

11 ff. 4to and 8vo. Some mounted on cardboard.


The autograph receipts are for the most part made out by actors at the famous "Theater an der Wien" and the "Burgtheater" (such as Franz Mayerhofer, 1786-1871) or their respective widows (such as Anna Hasenhut and Clara La Roche) and are mostly addressed to the Pension Fund established by the former director Ferdinand Graf Pálffy von Erdöd (1774-1840), who was head of both theatres from 1813 to 1825. Four bills are made out by employees of the Imperial and Royal Court Opera Theatre, who during a guest performance on April 12, 1862, invoiced the "Theater an der Wien" for several services (among them, e. g., the hairdresser Franz Ledwinna and a prompter). All signed and marked "to be issued" by the Burgtheater actor Karl La Roche (1794-1884), who was hired for life tenure in 1833, also directed from 1841 to 1874, and who performed administrative offices during the said guest performance.

For La Roche cf. Czeike III, 687; for Pálffy von Erdöd cf. ibid. IV, 481.

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