Bakunin, Mikhail, Russian revolutionary anarchist, and founder of collectivist anarchism (1814-1876). Autograph letter signed ("M. Bakunin").

[London], 15 Jan. 1861.

8vo. 1 page.


To an unnamed addressee: "Please excuse me for not coming today, but it was impossible for me, as I was already committed elsewhere. Even tomorrow I will not be able to see you, as I want to take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to write to Russia. But the day after tomorrow I certainly want to see your home. Your unchanged, if older M. Bakunin" (transl. from the German original).

The arictocratic Russian anarchist, proponent of perpetual revolution, had escaped from Siberia to Japan in 1861, made his way from there to San Francisco, and then to London, where he began to renew his associations in revolutionary circles. A compelling if somewhat intemperate figure, Bakunin loathed Karl Marx and vigorously challenged his authority. This enmity led to Bakunin's expulsion from the International in 1872.

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