Monumental Middle Eastern panorama with ruins, nearly 6 metres long

[View - Middle East]. Mountainous landscape with Middle Eastern and classical Roman ruins, 6 shepherds with their flocks, several figures riding dromedaries and one riding a donkey, (date?) palms, lakes, etc.

[Palestine?, ca. 1910?].

An enormous panoramic view drawn in coloured gouaches on a single, continuous roll of unwatermarked wove paper (70 x 583 cm), the drawing running to the edges of the paper. Rolled and stored in a cardboard tube.


A panoramic view of what appears to be a fantasy Middle Eastern landscape, with spectacular mountains in the background, a body of water near each end, and a wide variety of buildings and ruins, some clearly classical Roman and others Middle Eastern. The combination of classical Roman architecture with dromedaries and other Middle Eastern features places it very likely in Palestine, but we have not been able to identify specific buildings. The most distinctive ruin, a round Roman temple with five columns on the viewer's side (perhaps a third of the circle), an entablature above them and a vertical base below them, looks more like the Temple of the Vesta at Tivoli than like any known temple in the Middle East (the columns are not rendered in sufficient detail to determine their order, but they are almost certainly not Ionic and are probably Corinthian). There are also classical Roman aqueducts. The six shepherds with their flocks all wear broad-brimmed hats and have staffs, and two are blowing long, slightly curved horns. Several additional figures with broad-brimmed hats and staffs might be pilgrims, one together with what is presumably his wife.

With a 33 cm tear into the left edge, slightly affecting a mountain and the top of a tree, a few insignificant and much smaller tears and with pin holes about 1 cm from the edges from mounting on a wall, but otherwise in very good condition and with the colours fresh and bright. A spectacular panoramic view of the Middle East, including many classical Roman ruins.

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