[Yingbi hanyu. Héji mosun]. 2 albums of Chinese coin rubbings.

China, ca 1880.

Small folio (320 x 185 mm). 2 block books containing more than 1000 rubbings of antique and modern Chinese coins dating from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD. Ca. 80; 110 pp. Paper wrappers sewn with silk and cord, stored together in a modern cardboard portfolio.


An extensive historical catalogue of Chinese coins, probably rubbed from a museum or a very substantial private collection, including hole (cash) coins, sword coins, shoulder, ox-yoke, yan state knife coins, spade and bridge coins, etc., captioned in Chinese. The coins date from the Chow dynasty (544-519 BC), Fein, Tsin and Han dynasties (255-200), bridge money ca. 2356 and 2255 BC, with the sword coins dating from the Chi dynasty. Also includes prints taken from the coins' moulds, including one for general Tsung-Kwang-fu (1st century), coins from North Chow (558-581 BC), etc. The second volume comprises more recent coins from the Ching dynasties up to the 17th century AD. Each page shows between 2 and 20 rubbings, dynasties given in English, dates, frequent annotations in Chinese. Very fine laid paper; the slightly sturdier paper used for the wrappers is watermarked "GC & Co. 1877". Some dog-earing and duststaining; traces of use, but generally well preserved.

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