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Keynes, John Maynard, British economist (1883-1946). Typed letter signed ("JMK").

[London], 28. VIII. 1941.

8vo. 1 page.

To his friend, the influential Italian economist Piero Sraffa, who was a lecturer in economics at the University of Cambridge: "There is certainly a mess to be cleaned up. It is obvious from your letter that you could write a very good article on the subject. Why don't you? But the question is, has Zweig done so? Your letter seems to me conclusive evidence how much he has missed the point [...]".

Ferdynand Zweig (1896-1988) was a Polish economist and sociologist of Jewish descent, who emigrated to Britain in 1939 and taught economics at the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester.

On stationery with printed address.