A love letter to his future wife

Strauß, Johann (fils), Austrian composer (1825-1899). Autograph letter signed ("Jean").

No place, "Mittwoch Nachts", [late 1870s, early 1880s].

Small 8vo. 4 pp. on bifolium. With envelope.


An exceptionally fine love letter to his future wife Adele, née Deutsch: "Is it fair - to turn Jean's head in such a way - that he does not know himself anymore? What are you doing to him? The better he gets to know you - the more often he sees you - the worse it gets for the poor man. Oh, don't leave him ever - his life is chained to yours, he loves you so dearly - so very much - he has never loved anyone as much as he loves you. Don't deprive him of that which no living person was able to give to him or will ever be able to: this happiness which you give him, adored Adele. I embrace you with loving kisses, your Jean whom you have made so very happy […]" (transl. from the German original).

Two postscripts added: "I probably extended my visit too long today and in the meantime reproach myself for it"; "I would like to ask you to give my regards and most cordial greetings to your amiable cousin and your dear sister, but I don't dare to".

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