''Vegetable Cellar''

Heinrich Vogeler, painter, designer and architect (1872-1942). Three interior design drawings.

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Two pen-and-ink and watercolour drawings (195 x 140 mm and 193 x 140 mm) on cardboard signed ("HVogeler") and one pen-and-ink drawing (187 x 140 mm) on cardboard.


The pen-and-ink and watercolours are entitled "Halle in der Villa der Kunstgewerblerin" ("hall in the artisan's mansion") and "Gemüsekeller" ("vegetable cellar"). In the lower right margin of the cellar design Vogeler has added a floor plan of the room in pen and ink. Both drawing boards are folded.

Despite the simpler execution of the untitled and unsigned third sheet, the three drawings very probably constitute a set. All three are executed in the same sketchy style, on the same cardboard in like sizes. A pencil drawing on the reverse of the untitled design appears to show a floor plan of the "hall in the artisan's mansion".

All three drawings have the same ownership pencilled to the reverse: "Eigentum: Fogarasi".

The present drawings must date from before WWI, a period when Vogeler was successful as an architect and designer. Apart from his famous Barkenhoff mansion in Worpswede, Vogeler's most important project at the time was the "Güldenkammer" in Bremen's City Hall (1904-05). In 1907 Vogeler co-founded the "Deutscher Werkbund" and participated in several of its projects. After the First World War, Vogeler began to distance himself from Art Nouveau and its doctrines, instead turning to expressionism.

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