Remarkable, large-sized portraits and views, including the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

[India - photographs]. "Indien-Reise 1906".

No place, ca. 1906.

227 original photographs (mostly ca. 18 x 24 and 23 x 28 cm) mounted on 181 cardboard sheets (37 x 29.5 cm). In two cases.

II: "Indien" (cover title). Album with 33 original photographs (mostly 24 x 30 cm), mounted on cardboard sheets. Around 1900-10. Contemporary cloth.


Fine and comprehensive collection of large-size original photographs of India with views of cities, landscapes, mountains, the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and temples, as well as portraits of people.

Includes: Agra (26), Benares (16), Bombay (5; 2 of which are large panoramic photochrome views), Delhi (15), Darjeeling (7), Fathepur Sikri (7), Himalaya (11), Calcutta (18), Lucknow (13), Madras (5), Madura (5), Tanjore (4), and other places.

Many prints indicate the photographers (mostly Clifton & Co., as well as Johnston & Hoffmann and G. Lekegiar, Cairo). Some prints somewhat stained.

Includes (II) an album of views showing Ahmedabad, Darjeeling (with the Darjeeling Railway), Delhi, Elephana, Jeypore, and other places. Some prints with indication of the photographer (Clifton & Co.); somewhat stained in places. A fine ensemble documenting India around the turn of the century.

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