Das Recht der freien Reichsritterschaft

[Burgermeister, Johann Stephan]. Compendium bibliothecae equestris continentis ex consortio & ministerio equestri praecipuos [...].

[Probably Ulm, ca. 1720].

4to. (4), 68, 60 pp. (without 16 pages of preliminaries).

(Bound with) II: Manuale equestre, oder Compendium der Reichs-Ritterschafftlichen alt-hergebrachten Rechten [...]. Ulm, Johann Gassenmeyer, 1720. (8), 120, 144, 48, (18) pp.

(Bound with) III: Harpprecht zu Harpprechtstein, Stephan Christoph. Speculi Suevici et praesertim iuris feudalis Amamannici [...]. Kiel, Johann Christoph Reuther, 1723. (10), 240, (2), 154, (6) pp. Contemporary full vellum with handwritten spine label. All edges coloured.


Collection of three 1720s manuals on the Holy Roman Empire's legal foundations of the Imperial Knightage and Swabian feudal law. The second part of the first work contains a condensement of Georg Rüxner's famous tournament book, first published in 1530. Burgermeister (1663-1722), who compiled the first two works, was the legal counsel of the Swabian free knights in the Neckar-Schwarzwald district and later served as Imperial councillor in Ulm. "He was the most fervent apologist for the privileges of the free baronetage, and this is the subject of almost all his writings, composed in German. While conceived without plan or discrimination, they do contain valuable source material for the history of the lower nobility of the Empire" (cf. ADB).

The German jurist Harpprecht (1676-1735), a native of Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, taught at the University of Tübingen, later serving in Vienna and then as professor in Kiel in Northern Germany, where he published the present study of his native Swabia's feudal law.

Occasional light browning, but altogether a good, tight copy.


VD 18, 1050284X. Pütter (Staatsrecht) I, 320. ADB III, 601. VD 18, 12892033.

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