A Circassian female slave sold to an Ottoman woman

[Slave trade]. Sales document of an Ottoman slave trader.

No place, [11 May 1864 CE =] 4 Zilhicce [1]280 H.

4to. 1 page.


Extraordinary record of slave trade in the Ottoman Empire, confirming the sale of "a Caucasian, roughly ten or twelve years old, virgin and Circassian female slave" to an Ottoman woman. Stamped and signed by a slave trader named Kozpaha, probably himself of Circassian origin. The girl had probably come to the Ottoman Empire with the Great Circassian Migration following the Russo-Circassian war (1763-1864). Despite political efforts to ban slavery in the late 19th century, the practice continued largely unabated into the early 20th century. As late as 1908, female slaves were still sold in the Ottoman Empire.

On stationery with the tughra of sultan Abdülaziz. Several marginal tears, mostly along the folds, 2 of them slightly touching the text; a small hole in the lower quarter. 4 marginal tears and a tiny hole in the centre rebacked with tape by a previous owner. Surface nicks and punch marks all over the page, most prominent in blank areas.

A unique survival and an upsetting testimonial of child slavery.

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