All the Near East and Middle East maps from Weiland's "Allgemeiner Hand-Atlas"

Weiland, C[arl] F[erdinand]. [Allgemeiner Hand-Atlas der ganzen Erde]. The Near and Middle Eastern Maps.

Weimar, Verlag des geographischen Instituts, 1827-1834.

Six engraved maps, all in four segments on orange cloth with title labels. All ca. 68 x 54 cm. Stored in a contemporary marbled slipcase.


A fine set of six maps, comprising all the Near East and Middle East maps from Weiland's great "Allgemeiner Hand-Atlas" (general hand atlas) published by the Geographical Institute in Weimar.

Includes: Turkey and Levant ("Das osmanische Asien", 1829); the Arabian Peninsula ("Arabien", 1834); Persia ("Iran, Afghanistan und Beludschistan", 1828); Africa (1831); Northern Africa ("Das nordwestliche Africa oder die Staaten Fez und Marokko, Algier, Tunis und Tripoli, nebst der Wüste Sahara", 1827); and the Nile Valley with the south-western coast of Arabia ("Das nordöstliche Africa oder Aegypten, Nubien, Habesch, Kordofan und Darfur", 1829).

All with engraved labels of the Paris map dealer and publisher Charles Simonneau with titles inscribed in French. Some mild foxing throughout, but altogether fine. Slipcase worn but professionally repaired.

Cf. Espenhorst p. 24; Le Gear 6107 (1848 ed.); Al-Qasimi (2nd ed.), p. 281 (Weiland's map of Arabia, 1839 edition).