Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix, composer (1809-1847). Autograph musical manuscript.

No place, [probably 1830s].

Folio. 1¼ pages.


12 staves with text in German. Tenor trombone part for Mendelssohn's 1933 revision of the oratorio "Israel in Egypt" by Georg Friedrich Handel. The trombone in heard in the fanfare in E flat, as well as after the two choruses "Singet unserm Gott denn er hat geholfen wunderbar" and "Heil dreimal Heil dem heißgeliebten König, Heil, ewig Heil dem theuren Vaterland".

"As a conductor, Mendelssohn advocated the works of the baroque composers Bach and Handel with particular zeal. He used his stays in London to study Handel's original scores. In the Queen's Library he made important discoveries with regard to the oratorio 'Israel in Egypt', and the results were incorporated into his performances of 'Israel', which he conducted a total of five times, or the first time in Düsseldorf in 1833 for the Niederrheinisches Musikfest, in a version tailored to the practical necessities of the venue. The unavailable organ was replaced by additional wind parts, and the score, then a two-part structure, was supplemented by insertions from other works by Handel or recitatives assigned to this oratorio. The 'trumpet overture' composed by Mendelssohn was prefixed to the work - a workaround solution, since the performance would, unusually, have started with a recitative" (cf. Thomas Hennig, "Die Aufführungen des "Israel in Aegypten" unter Leitung Mendelssohns").

Somewhat spotted and browned; minor damage to edges.

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