Don Alvarez de Luna, castellan and governor of Cremona (fl. 1547-1556). 2 documents signed.

Cremona, 7 Oct. 1548 and 26 June 1552.

Folio and oblong 8vo. Together 1 p. and two lines. With an additional letter to the magistrate of Milan.


The documents date to the term of Ferrante I Gonzaga as governor of Milan, who was Alvarez de Luna's direct superior. A note from 7 October 1548 confirms the dispatch of "letters for the governor of Cremona", probably Alvarez de Luna's predecessor.

In a letter from 27 June 1552, de Luna informs Ferrante Gonzaga that he found "the princess" in the thermal baths of the city with improved health, possibly referring to Ferrante's wife Isabella di Capua: "Yo ellegado aqui alos baños a donde e hallado a mo señor la princesa con harta mejoria. A me dado este pliego delantas para que yo lo encamynea [...]".

The letter from 1552 with address and papered seal. The 1552 letter with damage from ink corrosion and a clipped corner in the blank leaf (not affecting the address). Both documents with pinholes.

The additional letter to the magistrate of Milan from 20 December 1547 was written on behalf of the Milanese tax collector Paolo de Cela (folio, 1/3 p. with address and papered seal). A draft of the letter is enclosed.

Several deep tears to the upper and right margins affecting the text; somewhat brittle.

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