Illustrated astronomical commentary

Jaghmini al-Khwarizmi, Mahmud bin Muhammad bin Omar al- / Qadizade al-Rumi, Musa ibn Muhammad. Sharh al-mulakhas al-Jaghmini fi al-hay'a [Commentary on Al-Jaghmini's Summary of Astronomy].

Persia, 16th century [ca. 1590].

8vo (ca. 120 x 240 mm). Arabic manuscript on beige paper. 82 leaves, 21 lines. Black ink in Nasta'liq script by two hands, important words underlined in red ink; numerous diagrams in red ink. Bound in brown morocco.


Illustrated commentary by Qadizade al-Rumi on Al-Jaghmini's famous astronomical treatise "Mulakhas" ("Summary on the Science of the Authority"), completed in AH 808. Al-Rumi (1364-1436), known under the name of Salah al-Din Musa Pasha, was one of the principal astronomers at the famous Samarkand observatory. The present treatise is dedicated to his ruler and patron Ulugh Beg.

Signs of wear; dampstaining and some edge tears throughout.


Cf. GAL I, 473.