Marbeuf, Louis Charles René, comte de, French general (1712-1786). Autograph letter signed.

Bastia (Corsica), 25. XII. 1781.

Folio. 1 p.


Christmas greetings to a high-ranking French military officer or official: "Recevez je vous supplie, l'hommage des vœux bien sincères que je forme pour votre parfaite satisfaction dans l'armée où nous allons entrer, les témoignages de confiance et d'amitié dont vous avez bien voulu m'honorer, en apuyent [!] la vérité. Je desire ardemment en mériter la continuation, et je ferai toujours tout ce qui dépendra de moi pour l'obtenir." - Louis-Charles-René de Marbeuf had been sent to Corsica with seven batallions in late 1764 to reinforce the remaining Genoese garrisons on the island. The Corsican republicans under the leadership of Pasquale Paoli had declared Corsica's independence from the Republic of Genoa in 1755 and controlled most of the island. In the 1768 Treaty of Versailles, the Republic of Genoa ceded its claims to the island to the French, who immediately undertook the conquest of Corsica. Marbeuf's small force was defeated by Paoli's troops in the Battle of Borgo on 8 October 1768. However, the Corsican Republic was powerless against the large French expeditionary force under the Comte de Vaux that was subsequently deployed to Corsica. Following the decisive French victory in the Battle of Ponte Novu on 9 May 1769, the Comte de Vaux passed the command of the occupational forces back to Marbeuf, who served as Governor of Corsica until the end of his life. He is best known today as a friend of the Bonaparte family and as a mentor of Napoleon, whose education at the military college of Brienne from 1779 was made possible by Marbeuf.

Some browning; insignificant stains and minimal tears.

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