Türr, István, Hungarian revolutionary, politician, and engineer (1825-1908). 2 autograph letters signed.

Milan and n. p., 22 May 1894 and n. y.

8vo. Together 2 pp. With autograph addresses and an envelope.


To the German mezzo-soprano Mathilde Marchesi and her husband, the baritone Salvatore Marchesi de Castrone, concerning the dissolution of his household in Paris and a meeting. In the letter dated 22 May 1894, Türr informs Mathilde Marchesi that he will give up his apartment in Paris and recommends his housekeeper Giuseppina to her: "Non venendo che raremente à Parigi, perciò lascierò il mio apartamento e cosí devo anche licenziare la mia Giuseppina, chi mi a servito 3½ anni. Mi prendo la libertà di raccomandarvi, ella è una buena persona e abilissimo, ella parla tedesco, italiano, francese e greco [...]".

In the undated letter, Türr asks Salvatore Marchesi de Castrone to visit him the following day: "Ti prego di venire domani mattina alle 10 e un quarto da me [...]".

Following his long years of exile, fighting for Hungarian and later for Italian independence on the side of Giuseppe Garibaldi and advancing to the rank of a general during the Expedition of the Thousand, Türr was active as a diplomat, peace activist, and engineer. As such he was involved in the first Panama Canal project and the successful construction of the Corinth Canal from 1881 to 1893. Türr died in Berck in Northern France.

Traces of folds. The dated letter with an old repaired tear and a collector's note in ink.