Ileana of Romania, Princess (1909-1991). Typed telegram with her name.

Grass Lake, [postal stamp: 18. XI 1956].

Oblong 8vo. 2 lines. With addition (see below).


To Marc Favrat on the occasion of the death of Ileana's sister Princess Elisabeth of Romania, the former Queen of Greece: "My most loving prayers are with you Gretchen and Julchen sad not to be present in anything but thoughts Ileana [...]".

Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956) settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. In France she met the much younger aspiring artist Marc Favrat, who became her lover. She made him her equerry and adopted him in the year of her death. The Breckner sisters, Gretchen and Julchen, had served as Elisabeth's chambermaids until her death.

Includes a typed telegram of condolence from Umberto II (1904-83), former King of Italy, from exile in Portuguese Cascais.

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