Viardot-García, Pauline, French mezzo-soprano, pedagogue and composer (1821-1910). 3 autograph letters signed, 1 autograph telegram signed, 1 autograph lettercard signed, 1 autograph postcard monogrammed, and 1 autograph visiting card.

Paris and n. p., 13 May 1891, 30 April 1895 [postmarks] and n. y.

Various formats. Altogether 8 pp. and two lines (visiting card).


Collection of mostly practical notes and letters, including a letter to Viardot's milliner. The postcard that can be dated to 13 May 1891 is an invitation to the dress rehearsal for a Madame Crauk and company. The telegram from 30 April 1895, addressed to a Madame Schlemmer, also concerns invitations to a concert or play. Viardot-Garcia names some of the guests in her box and those who have not yet responded to her invitation. A lettercard dated 20 April is an invitation to a pantomime: "Nous rejouons ma pantomime mardi prochain, de 5 h.res de l'après midi, chez les Grisot. Cette fois mon ami de pierre n'a plus d'excuse pour ne pas venir. Pas de toilette et vous rendez bien heureuse votre". A very urgent letter dated 17 April, to an unnamed recipient, concerns the necessary replacement of a performer for a forthcoming soirée. Viardot announces her daughter who "will explain all my apprehensions". In a letter written on a Wednesday, Viardot asks the recipient if she will attend a rehearsal that evening, also asking to borrow a drum: "Soyez assez gentille pour prêter pour ajourd'hui le tambour". Finally, in the letter to her unnamed milliner, dated 6 October, Viardot requests changes to a hat, as the brim was "somewhat flat", further asking that "a little bend" be added on each side.

Two letters and the lettercard on mourning stationery with embossed letterhead "243 Boulevard St-Germain". The visiting card with etched name. The letter to the milliner trimmed to the left border, minimally affecting the text on the second page. The lettercard with two abrasions affecting the text. Some browning overall.

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