Buck, Pearl S[ydenstricker], American novelist, Nobel Prize Winner (1892-1973). Autograph letter (fragment).

[London], 18. IX. 1959.

8vo. 1 page.


To the writer Jacques Bouteilleau, alias Jacques Chardonne, of the Paris publishing house Éditions Stock, with thanks for his invitation and about a business trip to Europe: "Thank you for your kind letter of the fourteenth, which reached me today. I should be happy to accept the invitations contained therein for September twenty fifth and twenty sixth. My son, Edgar Walsh, accompanies me on this journey [...]. The purpose of coming to Europe at this time is to arrange for the filming of my novel, Imperial Woman, and the production of my play, Desert Incident, in England [...]".

On headed stationery of the London Savoy Hotel. Fragment; slightly creased.

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