Constant, Benjamin, Swiss-French political theorist, author, and statesman (1767-1830). Autograph letter signed.

Paris, 8. XII. 1826.

8vo. ½ p. on bifolium. With autograph address.


To Augustine Émilie Victorine Destutt de Tracy, Madame de Laubespin, the youngest daughter of Antoine Destutt de Tracy and sister-in-law of Georges Washington de La Fayette, asking her about the specifics of the "sad ceremony that I desire to attend" and whether he will there meet La Fayette or where he might otherwise find him: "Oserais-je vous prier, Madame, de me faire savoir si la triste cérémonie à laquelle je désire assister aura lieu demain & à quelle heures, & si je trouverai Monsieur Georges La Fayette, où dans quel lieu je pourrais le rencontrer".

A classical liberal of the early 19th century, Constant defined the concept of liberty as a condition of existence that allowed the individual to turn away interference from the state or society. His ideas influenced the Trienio Liberal movement in Spain, the Liberal Revolution of 1820 in Portugal, the Greek War of Independence, the November uprising in Poland, the Belgian Revolution, and liberalism in Brazil and Mexico.

Traces of folds. Some browning. With a tear to the address leaf.