"I deeply feel what a difficult time you are having"

Einstein, Albert, German-born physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). Typed letter signed (“A. Einstein”).

Princeton, 25 July 1946.

4to. 1 p. In German.


To Helene Katzenstein, the widow of Einstein's close friend and sometime sailing companion, the Berlin surgeon Moritz Katzenstein (1872-1932): "I deeply feel what a difficult time you are having under the present circumstances. And I shall gladly do anything to rescue you from this unsatisfactory and depressing situation. I myself have experienced at close quarters what trouble people can create for each other in everyday life when bound together within such a restricted space. Assume as philosophical a stance as you can and remember that a leopard cannot change his spots for all the sharpness of his claws [...]".

On stationery with printed letterhead; traces of folds.

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