Einstein, an "old gypsy"

Einstein, Albert, German physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). Printed lettercard with 5 autograph lines signed.

Princeton, New Jersey, [10 April] 1954.

Oblong small 8vo. 1 page. With typed envelope. In German.


To the Swiss jurist and women's rights activist Elisabeth Nägeli (1897-1988) in response to her birthday greetings: "Freundlichen Dank für Ihre Mitteilungen, die alte Zeiten lebendig werden lassen. Ein alter Zigeuner hat es in dieser Beziehung nicht leicht [...]" ("Thank you kindly for your communications, which revive old times. These things are never easy for an old gypsy like myself [...]").

From a prestigious old Basel private collection. Perfectly preserved.

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