"Vor allem möchte ich Ihnen gratulieren zu dem schönen mathematischen Fund"

Einstein, Albert, German physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). Typed letter signed with 8 autograph words inserted.

Princeton, NJ, 5 Aug. 1949.

4to. 1 page.


To the German-American mathematician Ernst Gabor Straus. Einstein refers to a work he has just written in which he resolves the equations of the gravitational field issues from Bianchi's identities; he also congratulates Straus on a beautiful mathematical discovery and invokes by comparison the proof of transcendence of numbers that the latter had simplified.

An assistant to Einstein from 1944 to 1948, Ernst Gabor Straus detected a computational error in one of Einstein's works and, in order to correct it, wrote a paper with him in 1946 entitled "A Generalization of the Relativistic Theory of Gravitation". In 1949, having left his position with Einstein at Princeton University, he published "Some Results in Einstein's Unified Field Theory". The two scientists remained in a working relationship afterwards.

On headed paper; perfectly preserved.

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