Early Muslim newspaper

Tabbara, Ahmad (ed.). Tharamat al-Funun.

Beirut, [1875/76 CE =] 1292 H.

350 x 250 mm. 8 pp. Folded into a quire and secured.


An early newspaper issue of the sole media outlet for Lebanese Muslims from 1875 until 1908. Tharamat al-Funun was based in Beirut but circulated widely on the Arabian Peninsula as well, particularly in the Hijaz, and had a significant role as part of a response to the rising demand for and popularity of Arabic-language newspapers in the 19th century. Due to its particular social angle, Tharamat al-Funun often addressed issues of common concern during the Nahda era. These included questions of modernization and Westernization, as well as discussions of national identity and liberalism.

Paper reinforced and repaired, with only very minor effect on text. An interesting survival.

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