Portuguese Royal Charter abolishing the financial council in the Captaincy of Bahia

João, King of Portugal. [Abolition of Financial Council in the Captaincy of Bahia]. Eu Elrey. Faço saber aos que este alvará virem, que por me haver sido presente a indispensavel necessidade de dar prompta providencia para evitar as justas escusas, a que recorriam na Capitanía da Bahia os homens abonados [...].

[Lisbon], na Regia Officina Typografica, 1770.

Folio (200 x 290 mm). 10 pp. (first state: first page unnumbered). Plain later wrappers.


A rare document issued by the King of Portugal to abolish the Council of Finance and its ombudsman in the Captaincy of Bahia, Brazil. The charter of 3 March 1770 aims to restructure the Bahia finance administration by eliminating the Financial Council and establishing financial boards, Navy and Warehouse offices that are directly linked to the Royal Treasury.

The Council of Finance (Conselho da Fazenda) in Brazil was established in 1695 to deal with all Finance matters ranging from the most adequate dispatch of tobacco to the collection of royal rights. With the administrative reforms of the Marquis of Pombal (1750-1777), the Royal Treasury was established, replacing old ombudsman offices in an attempt at economic recovery. This charter aims to introduce these changes and regulate the financial system of the Captaincy of Bahia.


Browning, stains, chipped edge on one page. With two handwritten booksellers' notes on front wrapper, and pasted-on extended title in typed Portuguese.


OCLC 79189402.

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