Original manuscript with the author's own corrections

Raimund, Ferdinand, Austrian poet and actor (1790-1836). "Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind. Original-Zauberspiel in 2 Akten. Von Ferdinand Raimund". Contemporary manuscript with autograph corrections, deletions and insertions.

N. p. o. d., [before October 1831].

4to. 166 num. pp., 1 fol. Contemporary card wrappers.


Complete manuscript of Raimund's most famous work, with his corrections, deletions and insertions in his own hand. Raimund probably commissioned this copy for a performance in Innsbruck and thoroughly revised the manuscript. Some 30 pages contain Raimund's autograph corrections, deletions and insertions, comprising single words as well as several sentences (several later deletions and annotations in pencil or ink pen are by the Austrian actor and director Henry Jenke, 1823-1906, cf. ABL III, 105 & Kosch, Theater Lexicon II, 905). On the title there is a handwritten note of censorship "Can be performed. Innsbr[uck] 30 9 [18] 31 Kugler, Chief Com[missioner]". The premiere was held on 17 October 1828 at the Theater in der Leopoldstadt, the first edition appeared in 1837 within the "collected works", the first separate edition was published in 1868.

Today, Ferdinand Raimund's autographs are of the utmost rarity on the market.

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