[Alf Layla wa Layla - Portuguese - Gânim]. Historia de Ganem, filho de Abou Aibou, denominado o escravo de amor. Traduzida …Lisbon, 1792.

Extremely rare second edition of a rare Portuguese translation of the History of Ganem, the slave of love, a story from the Arabian Nights. The story tells of Ganem, a son of a merchant from Damascus, who upon his father's death travels to Baghdad to sell his father's leftover stock. Once in Baghdad, the young Ganem falls in love with the favourite concubine of the caliph. The story is translated into Portuguese from Jean Antoine Galland's early 18th century French translation.

With spots on the first and last leaves, a stain on leaf B1 and a couple tiny holes in the outer margin of the last leaf. In good condition.

Bradbury, Ray, American author and screenwriter (1920-2012). Series of eleven typed letters and one postcard signed.Los Angeles, 1955-1986.

Series of 11 typed letters and one postcard signed to Francisco ("Paco") Porrúa, his Spanish-language translator and publisher, beginning by thanking him for his copy of "Cronicas Marcianas" with the prologue by Borges ("my wife speaks highly of your careful and sensitive work on this [...] I await publication of EL HOMBRE ILUSTRADO, happily [...]", 6 Nov. 1955), the next speaking of his father's death but pleased at the reception of the "Martian Chronicles" ("Rarely have I been treated so well in my own country [...]", 39 March 1958), talking of writing a screenplay of "And The Rock Cried Out" directed by Carol Reed, the Jean-Louis Barrault adaptation of the "Martian Chronicles", and visiting the set of "Fahrenheit 451" directed by Truffaut, discussing the possibility of producing two of his plays in Buenos Aires ("a startling evening, of great contrast", 17 March 1962), asking for the publication of hardcover editions of his works in Spain (on a letterhead depicting the Illustrated Man, 24 Aug. 1971), sending a list of his works so they can be published in the right order, and other business matters: "Yes, I have written one other play which you have not seen. It is THE DAY IT RAINED FOREVER. I am sending you a copy under separate cover. I am happy to hear that you may publish a book of my plays, which would delight me. For now, I am on my way to London to visit the set of FAHRENHEIT 451 now in film production starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner and directed by FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT [...]" (17 Feb. 1966).

Small creases, marks and dust-staining, six holes punched for filing. Provenance: Francisco Porrúa; thence by descent to his son.