Wolff, Christian

Christian Wolff, German philosopher, 1679-1754

Wolff was the most eminent German philosopher between Leibniz and Kant. His main achievement was a complete oeuvre on almost every scholarly subject of his time, displayed and unfolded according to his demonstrative-deductive, mathematical method, which perhaps represents the peak of Enlightenment rationality in Germany. A founding father of, among other fields, economics and public administration as academic disciplines, he concentrated especially in these fields, giving advice on practical matters to people in government, and stressing the professional nature of university education.

  • Wolff, Christian Freiherr von. Allerhand nützliche Versuche, dadurch zu genauer Erkäntniß der Natur …Halle, 1745-1747.

  • Wolff, Christian, Freiherr von, German philosopher (1679-1754). Autograph letter signed.Marburg, 1 Jan 1726.