George [the Bearded], Duke of Saxony. Güldener Brieff deß hochlöblichsten Fürsten und Herrn, Herrn Georgen, Hertzogen zu Sachsen, etc. an den theuren Mann Martin Luther geschriben. An jetzo aber allen und jeden, so wol Papisten, als auch evangelischen Christen [...] zu Gefallen in Truck verfertigt.

No place or printer, 1593.

4to. (2), 13, (1) pp. With woodcut title vignette.

(Bound after) II: Valentia, Gregor de, SJ. (praes.) / Hendschele, Tobias (resp.). Disputatio theologica de theologiae necessitate et ratione [...]. Ingolstadt, David Sartorius, 1589. (6), 8 pp., l. bl. f.

(Bound after) III: Rabe, [Johann] Jakob. In formulam concordiae Iacobi Andreae Schidelini [...] quam Sturmius impugnat, [anonymos]. Ingolstadt, Weissenhorn/Wolfgang Eder, 1580. 18 unn. ff. (last bl.). With woodcut title border.

(Bound after) IV: Thyraeus, Petrus, SJ. (praes.) / Bickel, Philipp (resp.). Examen apologeticarum thesium Danielis Tossani [...]. Mainz, Caspar Behem, 1588. 50 unn. ff. With woodcut title border.

(Bound after) V: Pistorius von Nidda, Johann. Epistolae duae [...] ad Ioannem Pappum, Lutheranae theologiae doctorem [...]. Freiburg, Abraham Gemperlin, 1592. 111, (1) pp.

(Bound after) VI: Hänlin, Georg. Parallela confessionis augustinianae, et augustanae. Opposita parallelis Ioannis cuiusdam Pappi [...] Cum epistolis duabus ad eundem Pappum, scripis à Ioanne Pistorio Nidano. Freiburg, Abraham Gemperlin, 1592. (20), 122, (2) pp.

(Bound after) VII: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Aedilis, Georg (resp.). Brevis explicatio, octo priorum capitum epistolae D. Pauli ad Romanos [...]. Ingolstadt, David Sartorius, 1586. (4), 42, (2) pp.

(Bound after) VIII: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Rotbaur, Johann (resp.). Prioris epistolae D. Pauli ad Timotheum pars posterior, id est Tria posteriora capita [...]. Ingolstadt, Wolfgang Eder, 1587. (4), 35, (1) pp. With large woodcut on reverse of t.p.

(Bound after) IX: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Kepser, Wilhelm Sixtus (resp.). Epistolae D. Pauli ad Galatas expositio [...]. Ingolstadt, Wolfgang Eder, 1592. (4), 13 pp., 14-39, (1) ff. With woodcut printer's device on t.p.

(Bound after) X: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Schmidtner, Michael (resp.). Epistolae divi Pauli ad Hebraeos, septem priorum capitum brevis explicatio [...]. Ingolstadt, David Sartorius, 1588. (4), 47, (1) pp.

(Bound after) XI: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Winzet of Glasgow, John (resp.). In canonicam D. Jacobi epistolam brevis commentarius [...]. Ingolstadt, David Sartorius, 1591. (4), 50, (2) pp. With woodcut title border.

(Bound after) XII: Stevart Leodius, Pierre (praes.) / Melemius, Andreas (resp.). Exegesis in epistolam D. Pauli ad Ephesios ecclesiae [...]. Ingolstadt, David Sartorius, 1593. (4), 83, (1) pp. Contemporary blindstamped pigskin on 4 double bands. Wants ties. All edges loosely sprinkled in red.


Fine sammelband, uniting twelve counter-reformatory pamphlets. Apart from the very rare first separate publication of the letter by Duke George of Saxony to Luther (previously printed only in collected editions), the volume contains eleven anti-Lutheran polemics, some printed as disputations or dissertations. The somewhat dusty binding shows roll-tools of the Saints Peter, Paul, and John.

Well-preserved collection of Catholic polemical writing in a contemporary blindstamped binding.


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XII: VD 16, S 8959. Stalla 1739. Not in Adams or BM-STC German.

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