[Napoleonica - Retour des cendres]. Prevost, A. Funeral procession on the occasion of Napoleon's burial in the Dôme des Invalides.

[Paris, 1840].

Lithograph printed from three stones, signed "A. Prevost". Three separate leaves, 154 x 690 mm each, not mounted.


A consecutive lithographed panorama of Napoleon's funeral procession, measuring nearly two metres in length. At the instigation of King Louis Philippe I, Napoleon's mortal remains were exhumed nearly two decades after his death in 1821, transferred from St Helena, and laid to rest in the Dôme des Invalides on 15 December 1840. The print shows the entire procession from the Arc de Triomphe (commissioned in 1806 by Napoleon himself, but not completed until 1836), along the Champs-Elysées, to the Dome.

Very rare.

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