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Loos, Anita, American screenwriter, playwright and author (1888-1981). 4 ALS and 6 LS and 1 portrait photograph signed ("Anita") with autogr. dedication.

Paris, Santa Monica, and New York, 1951-1974.

Altogether 12¼ pp. on 14 ff. Various sizes. The portrait photograph 201:125 mm. With one enclosure.

To the American film director George Cukor (1899-1983), written while writing and casting her stage adaptation of Colette's "Gigi": "This is not what I consider a final draft of Gigi, by any means, for there is plenty of work to be done on it. But I do feel it is at a stage where I should proceed according to the ideas of the director. My own concept of the play is that the whole thing should be in the mood of a rather naughty Valentine and that it must definitely have a girl in the title role who can emerge as a star. (Mind you, I do think that the part will give any actress plenty of scope and opportunity.) Another idea I have is this - - If it were a possibility that Bethel Leslie could play Gigi, it might also be a possibility that Helen Hayes would play Aunt Alicia. I know that Helen has been considering to do a play with Bethel, should the right one come along. So this might be it [...]" (3 April 1951).

The 5 by 8 inch silver print is inscribed to George Cukor: "Love to my twin brother from / Anita".

From the collection of Charles Williamson and Tucker Fleming.