By the illustrator of Winnie-the-Pooh

Shepard, Ernest, English artist and book illustrator (1879-1976). 4 original drawings.

N. p. o. d.

Set of four oval designs, all matted, with captions peeled and re-mounted upon mat. Comprising I: "Le Reveil". 268:205 mm. Oval, pencil, ink and watercolour drawing, signed ("Shepard") lower right, mounted, some worming to mount.

II: "La coiffure". 270:205 mm. Oval, pencil, ink and watercolour drawing, unsigned, mounted.

III: "La Jupe Insoumise". 270:205 mm. Oval, pencil and watercolour drawing, mounted, unsigned.

IV: "La Toilette achevée". 265:203 mm. Oval, pencil and watercolour drawing, unsigned, mounted.


Fine set of original full-colour illustrations, picturing a young lady's matutinal awakening (by a maid bringing what is presumably a letter from her lover), morning coiffure, dressing (the lady being tucked into a recalcitrant dress by two maids), and, ultimately, the lady's admiration of her reflection in the mirror, her morning toilet achieved, with a maid in the background signalling to a gentleman that madam will receive him anon. A rare example of risqué drawings by Shepard, best known for shaping the definitive image of "Winnie-the-Pooh", but also a prolific staff-member of "Punch" and illustrator of favourites such as "The Wind in the Willows" and "David Copperfield".

Slight worming to mount (not affecting image). All signed in pencil on the reverse: "E. H. Shepard, Shamley Green, Guildford." Although the drawings are clearly marked for reproduction ("In 3 Colours"; "size 10 1/4 high facsimile"; "vet to Mr Shepard", etc.), it is unclear if they were actually published - the book for which they were intended could not be traced, and their subject matter does not fit easily into the artist's known canon, showing Shepard as a highly accomplished, albeit tamer disciple of Aubrey Beardsley with an inclination toward Rococo rather than Art Nouveau.