[Scott, Robert Falcon, English Polar explorer (1868-1912)]. Certificate awarded by W. G. Baxter's Ally Sloper, "the Sloper Award of Merit".

London & Leicester, Adams Bros & Shardlow Ltd., 27. IX. 1909.

575 x 445 mm. Full-colour printed poster.


Joke certificate granted to "Captain Scott R.N. F.O.S. because he is a brave explorer and deserves success", according to which "he shall be entitled to affix to his name in any manner however absurdly indistinct or offensively conspicuous the mystic letters F.O.S." ("Friend of Sloper").

The perpetually red-nosed Ally Sloper, developed in 1867, is one of the earliest fictional comic strip characters and remained highly popular in Britain until the end of the Edwardian era and WWI caused him to disappear from the cartoon scene.

Slight wrinkling and duststaining. Rolled. Provenance: Lady Scott and her descendants.

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