Original draft for "Essence of the Theory of Relativity"

Einstein, Albert, German-born physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). Autograph manuscript (fragment).

No place, [1948].

¼ page. 112 x 258 mm.


Draft of most of the final paragraph of Einstein's article, "Relativity: Essence of the Theory of Relativity", published in 1948 in the American People's Encyclopedia: "als sie zwar zu einer bestimmten Theorie des Gravitationsfeldes führt, aber nicht zu einer bestimmten Theorie des Gesamtfeldes (mit Einschluss des elektromagnetischen Feldes). Der Grund liegt darin, dass dies allgemeine Feldgesetz durch das allgemeine Relativitätsprinzip allein noch nicht hinreichend bestimmt ist".

The present draft shows the original text written by Einstein in German. Written below by a different hand is the English translation as it was finally published: "while it leads to a well-defined theory of the gravitational field it does not determine sufficently the theory of the total field (which includes the electromagnetic field). The reason for this is the fact that the general field laws are not sufficently determined by the general principle of relativity alone".

An exceedingly fine autograph, wherein Einstein implicitly states why he spent so many of his final years searching for a Unified Field Theory. Written on the address side of an envelope addressed to him. Slight damage to edges, somewhat wrinkled.

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