Altenberg, Peter, Austrian writer (1859-1919). Autograph letter signed (initials).

N. p. o. d.

Large 4to. 2 pp. on bifolium.


"My dear, dear friend - much light will always cast much shadow! Thus in my case. It is impossible to write four books as I have done and remain a well-mannered human being! One simply cannot! I love you all much, much more than you can imagine, but my depravation in every respect severs me from your order! But why do you not respect the poet in me, who has paid dearly for this noble title with his happiness, his peace, his health, and with his failed existence?!? Wherever I am, un-rest reigns, for my soul itself is tortured and disquieted throughout every hour! I sense that you all have dropped me mentally and are only waiting for the opportune moment to do it outwardly as well! How did I so disappoint you?!? How could the author of 'Wie ich es sehe', 'Was der Tag mir zuträgt', 'Prodromos', 'Märchen des Lebens' ever disappoint, save by a worthless book?!? I have emancipated myself from woman and her shameful thralldom, and thus have become the first 'Farouche'! Why hold this against me, rather than learn from me, profit from me?!? Last time, Klimt did not invite me to his table anymore, where his girlfriend sat, whom I revere [...] Alas! I have borne much, much - solitude and despondency are my destiny on all sides! Only the courage to place the revolver properly...! [...]".