Shaw, George Bernard, Anglo-Irish writer (1856-1950). 1 autograph letter signed and 2 autogr. lettercards signed (in full, or initials).

London, 1890 and 1922.

(Small) 8vo. Altogether (1½+1+1 =) 3½ pp. on 4 ff.


To John Henderson, Secretary of the National Liberal Club. I: "[...] Would next Saturday be too sudden? I can think of nothing better, although I have two lectures to give on Saturday, + would rather appreciate an evening's rest beforehand. Still, as you say your room is a small one, I could take matters quietly in an address on 'Politics, Tory, Liberal + Working Class' [...]" (October 8, 1890).

II: "I have just been reminded that the Chrystal Palace concerto begins next Saturday. This will make it very inconvenient for me to go to Harlesden [...]" (October 9, 1890).

III: "No: if I were to add ... chairtaking to my platform activities, it would finish me altogether. Besides, it is very bad economy for the Circle to waste a star speaker on the chair. It is hard enough to get him one; and when you do, you had better got the whole evening out of him [...]" (December 20, 1922).

Accompaned by a typed letter signed by Shaw's secretary, Blanche Patch.

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