Adorno, Theodor W., German sociologist, philosopher and musicologist (1903-1969). 4 typed letters signed.

Frankfurt a. M.

Large 4to. Altogether (1+1+1¼+1½=) 4¾ pp. on 6 ff. With 1 typed envelope.


In German, comprehensive letters to Martin Lutschewitz, about Adorno's fierce discussions with representatives of the musical 1950s youth movement. Adorno was accused of being too unfamiliar with the musical youth to be qualified to pronounce on it, and his "Dissonances" were a product of this debate. Here, he writes, in part: "The current situation in particular made your letter so especially meaningful to me, as my controversy with the so-called musical youth movement and the endlessly unfair behaviour of such people as Twittenhoff, Borries, and Wiora (as opposed to Doflein, with whom I conduct a constant and fruitful correspondence) has forced me into extremely pointed wording. The discussion is about a fairly large piece, 'Critique of the Musicians', which will be broadcast in the Stuttgart evening programme on May 25 and again on June 1 [...]" (12 May 1956).

Each on headed paper; published in: s. b.

Full English translations available upon request.


Cf. Sigrid Abel-Struth, "Zur 'Dissonanzen'-Diskussion", in: Musica III (1986), pp. 217-221.

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