Sending four photographs for publication

Kandinsky, Wassily, Russian painter and art theorist (1866-1944). Typed letter signed ("Kandinsky").

Dessau, 1 May 1928.

4to. 1 p. With typed envelope, 3 photos made by Lucia Moholy, and some addenda.


To art historian R. W. P. de Vries in Hilversum, sending four photographs for publication ("3 of which were made for you and the fourth belongs to me, I've had it in stock"; transl. from the German original).

Three of the four mentioned photos (all with the photographer's stamp on their reverse) belong to "Einige Kreise 1926", "Spannung in Rot 1926", and "Akzent im Rosa 1926"; the fourth picture seems to be returned as Kandinsky has asked to do so.

Additional addenda comprises a copy of "Der Sturm" (vol. III, October 1912, no. 129), in which Kandinsky's long essay "Ueber Kunstverstehen" ("On Understanding Art") was published, 4 newspaper clippings with reviews of his exhibition at the gallery "L'Époque" in Bruxelles, and another contemp. photo of a painting by Kandinsky.

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