Grammar of vernacular Arabic

Domenicus Germanus. Fabrica overo Dittionario della lingua volgare arabica, et italiana.

Rome, Sac. Congreg. de Propaganda Fide, 1636.

4to. (10), 102 pp. With woodcut title vignette to title page. Later half vellum (c. 1850).


First edition. "Inscriptio fallax; Dictionarii haud quidpiam exhibet liber; Grammatica est, et quasi prolusio et praecursio Dictionarii, brevi post editi" (Schnurrer). First issue with Arabic letters from the printing office of the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV. Not actually a dictionary, as the title suggests, but rather an introduction to vernacular Arabic. Three years later, the Franciscan Dominicus (1588-1670), known as Germanus (from Silesia), would publish an Arabic-Italian dictionary, entitled "Fabrica linguae Arabicae" - which has no connection with the present work, in spite of the similar title.

Old shelfmark on reverse of title page. Rare.


STC 306. Smitskamp 224. Schnurrer 67.Brunet II, 1553. Ebert 8379. LThK III, 396. Zaunmüller 18 (imprecise).

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