Gorecki, Leonhard. Descriptio belli Ivoniae, Voivodae Valachiae, quod anno MDLXXIIII, cum Selymo II, Turcarum imperatore, gessit. Huic accessit Io. Lasicii historia de ingressu Polonorum in Valachiam cum Bogdano, & caede Turcarum.

Frankfurt, Wechel, 1578.

8vo. 156, (2) pp. With woodcut printer's device to title page. Modern vellum.


Joint printing of these two works by Leonhard Gorecki and Johann Lasicius about the Romanian struggle against Turkish rule. A German version in quarto was published simultaneously. The account includes the insurgencies of the Valachian governors Bogdan and Ivonia in 1572 and 1574. With the support of Polish troops the Romanians achieved an early victory against the Ottomans, but their luck changed with the assassination of Ivonia.

A clean copy, formerly in the Ottoman collection of the Swiss industrialist Herry W. Schaefer.


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