[Horse racing]. Two albums with black-and-white photographs.

Berlin, 1939-1972.

2 albums containing a total of 49 large-format black-and-white prints (measuring up to 18 x 24 cm), some signed "Freund". Contemporary percaline (245 x 350 mm).


High-quality photographs, mainly showing the winners of harness races driven by Harry Myrcik, including the horses Editor, Poldi, Aeolus, Burgschwester, Ester Cane, Norina, Cila, Fulklapp, Herbstwind, Cape Horn, Cedar, Ambrina, Akkord, Quarminus, Miami II, Sonnenmeister, Quintaner, Marie, and Oheim. Also, several offical finishing line photos and a few portraits. The collection is arranged chronologically; the 30 images in the first volume are tipped in, while the 19 in volume 2 are loose. Often, the image is captioned in calligraphy, citing the name of the winning horse and its owner, the measured time, the place and date of the race, etc., some signed by photographer (and stamped: "Foto - Freund, Berlin / Charlottenburg"). Most photos were taken at the Berlin's Mariendorf trotting course, founded in 1913 and revived in the 1960s after war damage was repaired.

Three smaller photos have been removed; otherwise perfect.

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