The Empress's Apanage

Elisabeth ("Sisi"), Empress of Austria (1837-1898). Autograph receipt signed ("Elisabeth").

Vienna, 17 Nov. 1855.

Folio. ½ p.


A receipt for the Imperial Court's Disbursements Bureau: confirms having received her monthly apanage of 8333 guilders and 20 kreuzers (her allowance for November 1855 out of a guaranteed yearly "Spenadelgeld" of 100,000 guilders). These funds, essentially the Empress's allowance for all her private expenditures, had formed an explicit part of the marriage contract. This is a particularly early example, signed but one and a half years after her wedding with Emperor Franz Joseph.

Folded; archival notes. Very rare: the records of the Court's Disbursements Bureau were discarded in 1923.

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