Barthelemy, François Marie Marquis de, French politician and diplomat (1747-1830). Autograph letter signed.

Basel, 12. IX. 1795.

1 p. 4to.


To "Monsieur le Bourguemaitre" about a message delivered by special courier from the representative Martin de Thionville, informing him that the army of the Sambre and Meuse had crossed the Rhine near Düsseldorf under enemy fire. The army had completely defeated the enemy, taken Düsseldorf and captured 168 canons: "Le representant Martin de Thionville, Monsieur le Bourguemaitre, m'aprend par un courier que l'armée de Sambre et Meuse a passé le Rhin près de Dusseldorff sous tout le feu de l'ennemi, qu'elle l'a battu complettement, l'a poussé dans sa déroute et que le meme jour le fruit de cette bataille a été la prise de Dusseldorff et de 168. pieces de canon. Recevez Monsieur le Bourguemaitre, toutes les assurances de la considération la plus distinguée et de l'inviolable attachement je vous ai voué [...]".

The letter concerns a battle during the War of the First Coalition (1792-97). In 1795 the French began to occupy regions to the right of the Rhine. During the night of September 5th, the French troops first crossed the Rhine at Uerdingen, facing resistance from Austrian troops who were unable to prevent nearly simultaneous crossings at Hamm and Lausward. The demand for Düsseldorf's surrender was accepted by the Elector Palatine under minister Hompesch, and the fortress was handed over. The troops were allowed to withdraw with all their equipment, and only the cannons had to be surrendered. From Switzerland Barthelemy arranged for provisions for the French army. In 1795 he was closely involved in negotiating the peace treaty of Basel between Prussia, Spain, and Hesse-Kassel. A peace agreement with Great Britian failed.

Traces of old folds and former mounting. Left corner shows a small tear close to the text but without loss. A half-page biographical note in the hand of an early collector on the verso.

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