[Ottoman Wars]. Nuova verissima, e distinta relatione della vittoria ottenuta dall' armi Polache contro Turchi, e Tartari in Vicinanza al fiume Deniester per soccorere Caminiecz.

Venice, Zuanne Batti, 1694.

4to. (4) pp. With woodcut printer's device to t. p. Folded broadsheet.


Rare contemporary news report about the victory of the Polish and Lithuanian army against the Ottoman troops at Kamianets and the fall of the Turkish-occupied fortress of Gyula to the Imperial troops in late 1694. Also published in German as "Umständliche Relation von dem herrlichen Sieg, welchen die polnische neben der litauischen Armee gegen die Türken und Tataren bei Kamieniec den 6. Oktober 1694 erhalten hat". In the Great Turkish War of 1683-99, the Holy League (Austria, Poland, Venice, and Russia) successfully defended Vienna, then re-conquered Hungary; the war ended with the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz.

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