Zola, Emile, French writer (1840-1902). Autograph letter signed.

Paris, 8. XII. 1889.

8vo. 1 p.


In French, to an unidentified artist. Zola advises his correspondent to speak directly with his publisher, M. Charpentier, about his drawings because "I have very little time and prefer not to become involved in this question of illustrations. I have always thought that the best thing to do is to leave an artist free to interpret a book, as he likes. Zola adds that he does not intend to write a novel about the 1870 war for another two years".

The drawings to which Zola refers were probably meant to illustrate his novel Le Rêve, an edition of which was published in 1892 with illustrations by Carlos Schwabe and Lucien Métivet. Zola s novel about the 1870 war, La Débâcle, was also published in 1892.

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